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The Late Night Creep

Published under copyright by Loveawake italia. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

Are you no longer in college and still trying to use afterparties to bring women home? If so, you are using outdated "technology". As I've said before, once women are old enough to buy their own alcohol, and become privy to the "afterparty" tactic because so many men have tried using it on them, it is no longer effective. This usually occurs by the time a woman is 21. In other words, by the time you're gaming chicks that are mostly over 21, you need to abandon the whole afterparty tactic. It works great on women under 21, but it's pretty much useless afterwards.

Other than going for a straight up one night stand by leaving with just one girl, is it possible to leave with a group of women and sleep with any one of them? Yes. This is another one of my tactics that you won't read about anywhere else. I call it the late night creep.

What you guys don't know is that there is a secret "party" of sorts that always goes on. I would say that over 90% of men don't know about it; no, not even most alphas. This is something that I've been aware of ever since the 7th grade in school, and it is something that has occurred to me numerous times since then.

The first time it happened to me in the 7th grade (after school). A friend of mine brought me over to meet these two girls. Long story short, the two girls liked me, but didn't like my friends. So what did they do? When my friends weren't paying attention, the two girls grabbed me by my arm, rushed me into their apartment (parents were at work), and then they locked the door, not letting anyone else in.

So how does this work now? One thing that I realized, is that if one girl likes a guy, her friends most likely do too. Usually, if you're in good with a girl, then you're in good with her friends too. What does that mean? It means that most of her friends are probably open to the idea of having sex with you.

With that being said, there is one MAJOR problem. What is it? Go back to that story I just told you about what happened to me in the 7th grade. Chances are, the girls won't like your friend(s). It's very rare for a girl to like you, and then have one of her friends like one of your buddies. This presents a major problem.

What problem do I speak of? As long as you have a friend with you, you are cockblocking yourself when it comes time to try to leave the bar or nightclub with multiple women. Why? Because said women have no problem bringing you home, but they most likely will have a problem with your buddy tagging along. And because of that, you never get invited over, and they aren't open to the idea of leaving with you should you invite them.

So what must happen? Let's see:

1) Be alone with a set that really likes you, or out with a girl that you have already made-out or slept with (and her friends).

2) If you run into any of your guy friends, do not welcome them into your set. (Talk to them off to the side and then tell them that you have to get back over to your friends.)

3) If it's just you at the end of the night, the girls will either invite you over to party with them, or be open to partying with you.

4) You have the advantage and can most likely sleep with or make-out with any of the girls as long as you aren't currently dating one of them.

Also, you have to remember, any time that there is more than just you, even if the girls like you, they will most likely feel unsafe, thus ruining the late night creep.

Just you = women feel safe = late night creep

You + your friend(s) = women feel unsafe = no late night creep

And not to be just a guy blowing hot air, here are a few examples from my stories:

In that story, both Sex Lips and her friend wanted me. What I didn't reveal, was that on that night, I was invited over, but my friends weren't, and since I didn't drive and a cab would have cost $40, I decided to just go home and wait until another time. Also note how she says something along the lines of "How do I know you guys aren't serial killers?".

Cornfed thought I was hot, her sister thought I was hot, and her friends thought I was hot. I could have banged any one of them. Don't forget in another story, Cornfed invited me into her sorority house. There is another story that I never wrote about where I was out with Cornfed and her friends, I brought them home, and she wouldn't fuck me because my friends were around.

I was by myself for most of the night. I could have fucked either one of these girls. If you've read my other stories, take note that the Italian NEVER once invited me over when I was out with my boys. When did she invite me over? When I was alone. The only reason Snoop got into the picture was because I invited him AFTER she had already invited me over. It probably would have been too awkward for her to say I couldn't come over by now.

Notice how she says that all of her friends wanted me. Also, it isn't written, but they didn't want The Peacemaker there (he has tight game, but he and the feministic types just don't mix). I think the only reason he was allowed to stay was because Mahal's friends were from out of town and had no authority over the house. That and they never had a "girl talk" because Mahal was so obsessed with me.

Now you can see that women do have these private gatherings that most men don't know about. In order for them to happen, you have to be alone with the girls. If you bring in a friend, then all bets are off, and you will not be leaving with these girls as a group. The afterparty with you and your buddies is out of date technology once you're out of college, and the late night creep is what men "in the know" use.